December 3, 2015

10 features Apple fans want to see in iOS 10 update

ios 10 update

We never stop wishing for new things and it applies to almost every aspect of our lives. It has only been a few months since the launch of the iOS 9 update and Apple fans are ready with their wish list for the iOS 10 update. While Apple is secretive about its product and OS releases, experts believe the development of iOS 10 is already underway and we can expect an announcement about the update at the upcoming WWDC 2016 conference, scheduled this summer. Let’s look at the 10 features that are high on the wish list of Apple fans.

Hide pre-installed apps

We don’t use every app that comes pre-installed in an iPhone or iPad. There are several apps that we do not use. Some of the apps that have a low usage are the Podcast and Tips. Apple fans expect the company to provide an option to hide the pre-installed apps to help reduce clutter on the screen and you will be no longer be required to make a folder named “Useless” in which to dump these unwanted apps.

Dark Mode

With Apple OS X Yosemite, Apple introduced a new Dark Mode that allows users to choose a darker shade for the menu bar and application dock. This feature is limited to Apple OS X Yosemite and many Apple fans expect the company to make the Dark Mode available to phone users as well. The Dark Mode is not only about visual appeal;it is helpful to professionals as well. The Dark Modes enables professionals to concentrate better while editing videos, photos and other graphic work.

Ability to Merge Apple IDs

The world of Apple devices is managed through Apple IDs. Though this feature isn’t directly related to iOS 10, it will be helpful to many Apple device users. The concept of Apple IDs was introduced 15 years ago when they were used to access iTools and Mac services. When Apple introduced iTunes stores in 2003, it continued with the Apple ID system. The AppStore also uses the Apple ID system to authenticate users. Over a period of 15 years, several Apple device users have accumulated more than one Apple ID which they use for purchases. Apple users want the company to reduce the confusion and inconvenience caused by multiple Apple IDs. By allowing a merger of the Apple IDs, users can bring all purchases and subscriptions under one Apple ID.

Siri API

We cannot call this a feature but it is something that appears in the iOS 10 wish list. App developers have been waiting for Apple to release Siri API. They have been expecting access to Siri API from the time Siri was launched. If Apple releases Siri API, you can see Siri becoming more useful and you might order Siri to play your favorite videos from YouTube as well.

 Siri transcription

Listening to voicemails is not always easy especially if you are in a meeting. Apple fans are expecting Siri to have transcription capabilities so that it can read out voicemails. This would be a great feature, as you will not be required to bring your phone close to the ears. When armed with transcription functionality, Siri will read the voicemails to you.

Default 3rd party apps

Many times, the default app on your Apple device lacks in performance and functionality and we wish if there was a possibility to replace the default app with a 3rd party app. The AppStore has several good apps that can be a good alternative to default apps like Safari, Mail and Calendar. The ability to select a 3rd party app in place of a default app would be a great boon to users.

Show/Hide nested folder in Mail app

The Mail app is undoubtedly good but one thing that pesters users is that the app shows all folders in the account. This means you have to sift lots of folders to get the folder you want. The company should provide a functionality where we can Show or hide folders in the app, to make navigating the folder you need, much smoother.

Weather App for iPad

The Weather App is a good and useful app with beautiful weather animations. But it is not available for iPad users. The beautiful weather animations would look good on iPad’s bigger screen and we see no reason why Apple denies this great Weather app to its iPad users. Apple users would certainly want that the Weather app be made available to iPad users as well.

Support for Multi-users

Android platform already supports the multi-user concept. For Apple, it is easy to support multiple users due to the presence of biometric authentication. This is one of the features that has been on the wish list for a very long time. This feature would allow users to create multiple accounts on a device. A user can log into his account using a PIN, Password or TouchID. The device would automatically change the settings particular to that user account.

This is one of the important features as many times we share our devices with other family members and we also share iPad’s in a professional environment. Supporting multi-user accounts means we can unhesitatingly share our devices with others without the risk of revealing sensitive or private information stored in the device.

Customizable control center

Control Center was one of the best features introduced in iOS 7. The feature allowed the users to reach important functions with a single swipe on the screen. With a single swipe up from the bottom of any screen, users could toggle between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, rotation lock and Airplane mode. The Control center also provided shortcut icons to Camera, Calculator, Flashlight, and timer. Wouldn’t it be great if Apple allowed us to customize this shortcut as per our needs? Customization option for control center would help, as not everyone uses these apps frequently on a daily basis.

Do you have any other features in mind that you want to see in the iOS 10 update? Please feel free to suggest and give comments.