November 21, 2015

Make more Money with your Mobile App

Mobile Apps

Let’s face it; one doesn’t go about making a mobile app just for fun. Obviously, the main objective is to monetize the app we create. There are several ways of monetization but one really doesn’t know which one will work best.

Digital advertising allows you to target the right audience, thereby helping your app earn some revenue. While we all see the Facebook sidebar ads, many business owners fail to take cognizance of the potential of digital advertising to generate revenue in an easy way. The statistics below demonstrate the huge potential of digital marketing:

  • The desktop is no more the primary device to access the Internet. In 2014, mobile internet access surpassed desktop internet access.
  • 21% of the Millennials do not use desktop at all but use mobile devices for Internet access all the time.
  • 89% of the Smartphone time is spent on mobile apps while 11% is spent on mobile web.
  • By 2019, 72% of digital advertising funds will be spent on mobile devices.

In short; when you talk of digital advertising, the main focus is on mobile apps. When you have an app why not use it for a dual purpose: reach your targeted audience and generate more revenue. Having said that, where do you start?

Custom Ads

It is quite easy to sell in-app ad space and you can reap maximum profits. If you do it right, you can cover the app development costs. Businesses are eager to get their ads in-apps due to mobile app popularity. As per eMarketeter prediction, around $28.72 billion will be spent on mobile ads by businesses in this year. Even though you are a first timer, you can earn your share by targeting local businesses and offering ad space at lower rates.

You are likely to face competition from big businesses in the digital marketing arena but you need to convince your clients that working with less popular apps have their advantages such as lower rates and less clutter.

You can add a logo on your home screen and put a sponsor’s page, which is linked to their home page or front end of their sites. When you use images for ads, the launching of Ads becomes simple and you will attract many advertisers when you take a leap.

Automated Ads

If you are not interested in selling Ads or don’t want to go through the hassle of marketing ads, you have the option of using Ad giants like Doubleclick, iAds and AdMob who allow you integrate ads into your app. You earn revenue through click backs and all you need to do is integration. It is the simplest way to earn money through your mobile app without the hard work of selling. These automated Ad networks use predictive analysis to ensure you also earn revenue from the huge audience of non-spenders.


If you have several apps, you can adopt the way of self-promotion, rather than approaching other digital marketing service providers. You can use banner ads to get traffic to other apps. This way you also have full control over your digital marketing activities. You just have to link the ad to the download page of Playstore or app store so that users can click to download your app.

If you have created an app for your business, you need to promote it to your clients through word-of-mouth and social media sharing to bring in traffic to your app. The more downloads your mobile app gets, the more money you can earn using traditional ROI features in your app. As the popularity of your app increases, you can add exclusive in-app deals and accept payments for products and services. These things are for the later part. The first part is reaching that stage where local businesses will find you app suitable to display their ads.