How ERP Can Help The HR Function?

HR Resource Management System

Digital technology has infiltrated every aspect of business. It has become the pivot in today’s corporate world. This doesn’t mean the human element has lost its importance. The HR Function plays an important role in the success of an organization. It covers several key areas including recruitment, training, payroll, rewards 7 recognition programs, workforce management, […]

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Important Stakeholders in ERP Projects


Stakeholders are individuals or group of people within an organization whose support is required to launch an ERP project. These stakeholders need to actively participate. Silent participation of any stakeholder means an invitation to the failure of the ERP project. It is generally seen that avoiding the responsibility for the outcome of ERP software selection […]

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How ERP workflow speeds up business?

erp software solutions

ERP system mechanizes the business processes of enterprises and SMEs and delivers real-time visibility within primary business metrics that helps management take smart decisions. Using ERP, businesses around the globe can speed up business cycles, increase reliability and efficiency and help organizations deliver top-quality services to partners, customers and suppliers. What is workflow in an […]

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Business Intelligence Software – Put information to work

Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence is all about analyzing performance of the organization to increase competitiveness and revenue.Modern IT systems used today collect large amounts of data from different sources but there is no way to utilize this data, except through specialized tools and software. Hence, every organization requires some business intelligence tool to run the business on intelligence, […]

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Transport Management Software- Reduce costs, Improve Customer Satisfaction

Transport Management System

Every industry is always on the lookout for ways to decrease overhead costs and improve efficiency of processes.In today’s economic scenario,companies involved in moving freight,attach a high valueto transport management software that offers ways to increase profit margins without adversely affecting the quality of service. Transport management systems have a subset of supply chain management […]

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9 tips to select and deploy an ERP system

ERP System

Deploying an ERP is an expensive proposition for any business. Since it is a one-time investment, companies planning to purchase and implement ERP in their organization should be careful while doing so. Let’s learn about some guidelines and tips to select and implementERP system. Get Top Management Involved Industry specific ERP solutions’providers,who speak of organizations […]

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What’s there for you in Google Inbox? Check it up


After tremendous success of Gmail, Google came up with another mailing app called Inbox on October 2014 to take mailing experience to a new level. This new app was developed by the same team which developed Gmail. But according to Google it has something different and unique than Gmail. It’s an invitation-only email service like […]

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Journey of Microsoft’s Messenger Comes To An End

windos mesenger comes to an end

It’s the end of an era for Microsoft’s most popular instant messaging MSN (also known as Windows live Messenger) who had nearly about 330 million users worldwide which is more than the current snapchat and Gmail users. MSN was launched in 1999 a rival of AOL’s AIM service and ICQ. After MSN started, it made […]

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