Case Studies

Successful Accomplishment of eBUILD for Real Estate & Construction Company based out of Gujarat

A USA based multi national Real Estate Company based out of Ahmedabad, faced challenges such as lack of centralized data repository, no set process for reporting, no track of enquiries and follow-ups to name a few. The firm deployed eBUILD ERP for re-engineering its business processes. The customer now has integrated business functions and a single source of reliable data resulting in better-informed decisions, shorter period closings, and improved operations.
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Implementation of eBUILD ERP for a Ahmedabad based multi-national Real Estate Company

The customer is a Real Estate Company based out of Ahmedabad with a track record in executing Residential & Commercial Projects all over India. The customer went in for eBUILD ERP to integrate their operations as per the core functionalities of the industry. Thus they were able to fulfill objectives, promote organizational change, and achieve ROI.
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ROI increased after eBUILD ERP implementation for Chennai based Construction Company

A major player in building the urban landscape of India, the customer’s core areas are in construction of malls, multiplexes, airports, residential, commercial and industrial complexes. To stay ahead of the competition, the customer had to access critical information and integrate it with existing processes in one central system which was efficiently managed through eBUILD ERP.
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Successful implementation of eBUILD ERP for Mumbai based professionally managed company

The Customer faced challenges like time lag of performance data, excessive inventory, etc. With eBUILD ERP, they could get real-time data leading to more efficient use of resources, precise quality checks, and better decision-making.
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Mumbai based customer set processes for effective project management with the help of eBUILD ERP

The customer wanted an ERP solution which could offer flexible schedules and at the same time be user-friendly, scalable and not too technology-intensive. The eBUILD implementation team provided timely knowledge transfer to the customer, ensuring that key members from the customer’s teams were included at all levels of planning and deployment.
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eBUILD ERP implementation for Udaipur based Construction company

eBUILD ERP provided correct, timely and uninterrupted critical Information enabling automation of all activities right from the pre-construction stage to the post construction stage. The customer recorded a reduction in the overall inventory cycle.
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