Business Intelligence

Combining CRM and BI for better results

Customer relationship management is managing your company’s approach and interaction with current and future customers. It often involves use of technology to organize, synchronize and automate marketing, sales, after sales support and technical support. On the other hand, Business Intelligence refers to using diverse software applications to analyze organization’s raw data. Business Intelligence spans many […]

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Business Intelligence Software – Put information to work

Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence is all about analyzing performance of the organization to increase competitiveness and revenue.Modern IT systems used today collect large amounts of data from different sources but there is no way to utilize this data, except through specialized tools and software. Hence, every organization requires some business intelligence tool to run the business on intelligence, […]

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Business Intelligence & Its Benefits

Business intelligence platforms have become an increasingly valuable asset to successful business management. It can also be defined as ability to apprehend the interrelationships of presented facts as a guide for achieving the desired goals. Business Intelligence includes following elements:- Reporting: It is a process for data to be accessed and to deliver it inside […]

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At what point do you need Business Intelligence?

Technological advancements have surpassed every man’s expectations. It has changed the way we live our lives and created new methods to substitute our daily chores. Along with an individual’s personal life, technology has also grown to shape the business environment where the world works. It has taken the business industry by storm by developing new […]

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5 Reasons why you should switch from exhaustive lists to visualized data

There comes a time in business when dealing with business reports becomes more of an everyday chore than a job. Sometimes the listed bullet points that recall attention, contribute to an unwavering pile up and the number of such lists just doesn’t end. This phenomenon is most common among the decision-makers in a business firm […]

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Business Intelligence Software: A way forward looking at the business

As a business individual, you want your business to excel and reach the epitome of success. But most of business heads encounter a single and important question, how? Well, you can foretell and improve your business performance by applying analytics to your business data. Business Intelligence is known as science of logical analysis. It is […]

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Advanced Business Reporting for Advancing Business Profitability

In this day and age information is power! The agility and accuracy in business reporting is the make or break for businesses today. We at eBUILD ERP know the importance of business reporting and how valuable it is for business profitability. The Capability: eBUILD ERP is optimized for SMEs and helps organizations to align people, […]

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