Customer Relationship Management

Increase CRM Adoption Rate: Guidelines & Tips to Follow


The troubled economy over the last few years and growing competition has resulted in companies struggling to retain their customers. Cost cutting measures are the order of the day now. In order to survive, companies have no other option but to outperform their competitors without inflating budgets. All these circumstances have made CRM more important […]

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Combining CRM and BI for better results

Customer relationship management is managing your company’s approach and interaction with current and future customers. It often involves use of technology to organize, synchronize and automate marketing, sales, after sales support and technical support. On the other hand, Business Intelligence refers to using diverse software applications to analyze organization’s raw data. Business Intelligence spans many […]

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CRM Software

Customer relationships have become important for every business, small and big. Forming and maintaining good relationship is important for long-term success. Ignoring this important aspect will affect the sustainability of the business. CRM software streamlines all major areas of customer interactions. If you want your Sales team to perform well, you will need more than […]

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Significance of CRM in Business

significance of CRM in business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a key component in running any business. It signifies a method which helps manage customer engagement in an organized manner. CRM codifies interactions between you and customer so that you can maximize sales and profit using analytics. CRM enables an organization to track and measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns, directs […]

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6 Golden Rules for the Success of CRM Implementation

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.” – Abraham Lincoln So, you are thinking of implementing CRM Software in your organization. You think, it will help in building a detailed picture of your customers’ or prospective customers’ tastes, needs and buying habits by keeping records […]

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CRM: An advanced way to become a customer-centric business entity

It is a well established fact that customers are the foundation of any business’ success.  The success of business to a great extent depends on customers’ satisfaction as it is the heart of selling. So, maintaining good relationship with customers is very important and essential for each and every business entity. To become a customer- […]

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Working with CRM: Functions, Benefits and Evolution

Customers make a business successful. Satisfied customers indicate a good hold over business. When you are running a business, dealing with clients/customers and winning their loyalty is a concerned topic while expanding business reach. Understanding that all business operations should revolve around the targeted audience implicates that there is an urgency to form a unit […]

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