IT Best Practices

A Shift in the Traditional Outlook in Indian Real Estate

The real estate sector in India assumed greater prominence with the liberalization of the economy, as the consequent increase in business opportunities and labor migration led to rising demand for commercial and housing space. At present, the real estate and construction sectors are playing a crucial role in the overall development of India’s core infrastructure. […]

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How To Manage Real Estate Sales Better

You can no longer expect efficiency with the use of spreadsheets to record each and every action of the sales representative. A present day real estate sales executive has to track: the lead details, sales details as well as the valuable customer feedback. Depending on your project and the situation the effective organization of information […]

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Good Decision Making for Real Estate Projects

As a professional in the Real Estate and Construction industry you would have to make peace with the obvious fact that there are some things which are in your control and some which aren’t, but should be! Control just like happiness is something that the more you think you don’t have the more it becomes […]

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