Android Marshmallow – What’s New?

Android Marshmallow

Finally the curtain has been lifted over Android M, which will officially be called “Android Marshmallow”. When Google unveiled Android Lollipop, Android fans were delighted about the new features and the introduction of Material design. It is but natural that we would be eager to know the sweet things that Android Marshmallow will bring to […]

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What’s there for you in Google Inbox? Check it up


After tremendous success of Gmail, Google came up with another mailing app called Inbox on October 2014 to take mailing experience to a new level. This new app was developed by the same team which developed Gmail. But according to Google it has something different and unique than Gmail. It’s an invitation-only email service like […]

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Journey of Microsoft’s Messenger Comes To An End

windos mesenger comes to an end

It’s the end of an era for Microsoft’s most popular instant messaging MSN (also known as Windows live Messenger) who had nearly about 330 million users worldwide which is more than the current snapchat and Gmail users. MSN was launched in 1999 a rival of AOL’s AIM service and ICQ. After MSN started, it made […]

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5 Smart Ways to Combat Heartbleed

The electronic media has been abuzz with the word “Heartbleed”. When I first heard about it, I thought it was something related to a heart ailment. But, to my surprise, it is actually a bug or you can say one of the deadliest threats ever experienced by the internet users. According to an Internet research […]

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Encounter cyber attacks before they encounter you

Can you imagine life without mobile phones, computers or laptops? I know; the answer will be a big ‘NO’. People constantly use their mobile phones and computers to keep in touch with loved ones, pay bills, stay on top of the news, searching things and shopping. But, everything comes with a price, so is the […]

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Satya Nadella and other Indians on the Global IT leadership playground

The world is buzzing with name of “Satya Nadella”, the new CEO of Microsoft. Arguably, this has added another feather in India’s cap. Satya Nadella is of Indian origin and did his engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, Karnataka. Later on, he went to USA to pursue his Masters in Computer Science from the University […]

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