Technology Trends

Top 10 Technologies that will dominate Business Organizations this year

No one can deny the fact that Information Technology has become an integral part of businesses today. Without technology; doing business is just like living without being born. Every business now has a separate budget for technology spending. Most people I talk with acknowledge the importance of leveraging technology in business. They often tell me […]

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Everything you need to know about Bitcoin and its fate in India

Just few weeks back, the word ‘Bitcoin‘ hit every screen with an Internet connection. Several news portals covered Bitcoins in detail and gave their opinions about their impact on the current financial transactions. Bitcoins were the topic of discussion among friend and colleague circles. While an interesting topic within office doors, Bitcoins managed to reach […]

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The Future is here: Internet of things

Over the year, billions and trillions of people are addicted to internet through computer system, laptop, and more recently through smartphones. This communication revolution is now extending to objects as well as people. Can you imagine your watch contacting your home’s air condition system? Your watch is informing your air condition system that you will […]

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What It Takes To Run a Successful Real Estate & Construction Business

With rise in demand of properties as well as property owners, more and more players are headhunting to attain the apex position. Therefore every single player needs a perfect tool to manage their properties, plots and maintain data of property addresses and clients. Gone are the days when construction and real estate companies were doing […]

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Information at your fingertips – The power of data analysis

Today’s market is moving as fast as business users can access the data they need to make better, decisions.  Companies are trying every way to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. One of the trends that successful companies are using is finding easier ways to consume more accurate data that has been locked away […]

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