What It Takes To Run a Successful Real Estate & Construction Business

With rise in demand of properties as well as property owners, more and more players are headhunting to attain the apex position. Therefore every single player needs a perfect tool to manage their properties, plots and maintain data of property addresses and clients. Gone are the days when construction and real estate companies were doing […]

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How to Improve Engineering Standards in Your Real Estate Business

As a real estate & construction company, it’s not uncommon to have instances of over purchasing or under purchasing construction materials. Not having a solid and set plan towards construction of the building is even more common. Apart from policy changes and other external and uncontrollable factors, a lot of times the cost of construction increases, due to reasons, […]

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What Real Estate Builders want the most?

Real Estate Developers have been at the forefront of the real estate boom sweeping across the length and breadth of India. Armed with efficient units of architects, engineers and managers, builders like DLF have managed to change the skyline of many Indian cities. World-class residential and commercial structures have come up in a big way courtesy the pioneering efforts […]

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Construction Business without Losses

With increased competition in the real estate & construction industry, it has become vital to remain ahead of the competition and engage with clients and meet the ever important deadlines. Today, real estate software has eased the burden of controlling a business’s internal operations and engagement of customers is now more focused and streamlined. In fact, it […]

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Real Estate sales redefined!

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP), particularly those centered on Customer Relationship Management have always been a focus of IT spends in most real estate & construction companies. The operative word used is CRM to handle all their sales reporting requirements. Though this resource is probably one of the most essential and crucial requirements, many real estate business owners believe that the systems or […]

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Common Construction Problems

Construction executives often make decisions based on their “gut feeling,” supported by years of experience and expertise. However, today’s fierce competition and troubled economy require precision and process improvements to avoid any, if not all, risks associated with construction financial and project management. Construction Executives must rely on technology solutions that use key performance indicators, trend analysis […]

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How to Increase Construction Productivity

construction software

If you are in the construction business, you often have to go through the hassles of managing your construction projects efficiently. Construction projects involve a lot of work force which makes the task of information management all the more difficult. Construction management organizations face the most common challenges with relation to client requirements, contractual constraints, […]

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