October 3, 2015


CRM Software

Customer relationships have become important for every business, small and big. Forming and maintaining good relationship is important for long-term success. Ignoring this important aspect will affect the sustainability of the business. CRM software streamlines all major areas of customer interactions.

If you want your Sales team to perform well, you will need more than just experienced sales personnel; you also need the right CRM software. Smart CRM software will increase the sales team’s efficiency and also reduce overhead costs. Let’s see how the right CRM software can help increase sales, in detail.

Smart CRM software will do the following

  1. Make a targeted sales plan
  2. Give you a better idea of potential customers and increase sales
  3. Help your sales and support team to focus on a better customer experience that brings in repeat customers

The primary purpose of CRM software is to help businesses build, nurture and maintain good relationships with the new and existing customers. CRM software has evolved to become a versatile platform that allows sales and support teams to manage marketing, sales, service and other operations from one place. Moreover, the CRM supports easy and quick business processes modifications that help businesses keep up with the changing business environment and customer behavior.

What to look for when selecting CRM software?

Improved email marketing

Email marketing is still the best way to communicate with your prospects and customers. You can use email marketing in different ways such as to boost sales, increase customer engagement and improve customer retention. The CRM software ensures you do not lose any customer communications through the customer journey. You should look for CRM software that allows you to send bulk personalized mails that are categorized as per audience type. Marketing automation is the need of the hour for businesses. Some CRM software offer automated email marketing reports that have situation specific data such as clicks, CTAs, opt-out, bounces and even spam-reports.

Mobile accessibility

Today’s sales force is always on the move and hence it is necessary that the CRM solution should also offer mobile accessibility. The remote accessibility feature in CRM helps the sales personnel save travel time to and from the office. The other benefit of this feature is that it allows the sales team to track tasks and sales in real-time.


Every business is unique and so are their processes. The CRM software should support customization. If you need to apply a lot of tweaks to the CRM system, it needs to offer plenty of customization options. The CRM you select should be an effective tool that supports your business strategy and adds value to the organization. It should help people in your organization to take the right decisions at the right time, based on the priorities. Any CRM solution that requires you to adjust your workflow in order to meet the limitations of the software should not be considered.

Social Media integration

Social Media offers several growth opportunities especially to connect with future customers. Social media integration gives businesses a 360-degree view of the customer’s preferences, likes and dislikes. It also allows businesses to interact with customers more frequently and build strong relationships with them. So, make sure the CRM solution you buy, offers tools that help you build strong relationships with customers.