Real Estate ERP Overview

Real Estate ERP overview

Decentralized decision making leads to lack of visibility in project performances thus escalating project planning & management costs. More often than not these challenges are overlooked and eventually dealt with in the future. Real Estate ERP applications are effective only if it can support the realities of your business and offer cost effective solutions to your company problems.

With eBUILD ERP, we have addressed the issue of having a balanced approach towards success in detail. This enterprise application generates information on a daily basis that other software applications provide on a weekly or monthly basis. Plus, separate systems are no longer required to manage individual operations of your company. Thus integration of functional departments by the use of a single business tool helps in seamlessly combining your property development with performance enhancement and accountability at every stage of the construction activity.

Construction Management Software

With over 2 decades of veteran experience in the real estate and construction sector, eBUILD ERP has evolved with the latest trends and technologies and has helped companies in filling the gap between theoretical business management and practical site operations.

eBUILD ERP is not a collection of independent processes but, a system that has been designed with an emphasis on integration, scalability and ease of use.

With the use of this business tool, construction organizations will be able to analyze purchasing volumes across multiple projects or drill down to an individual purchase made. Information is available at any level required and displayed in a view that can be tailored to individual preference. All types of reports can be generated at various user levels and from any remote location with secured web access.

So, whether you need to do presentations to board executives and financiers, manage your planning, estimating, forecasting, project budgets, earned value, cash flows, drawings or materials, eBUILD is the solution which has ERP Construction Site Modules integrated together.

eBUILD steps in right where you start!!

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