Computers have become mankind’s best pal since the dawn of the modern age. They are everywhere. Computers have become the best helping hand one can ask for. They make everything simpler. But really, computer is just a moniker we use for the rich software that does all the heavy lifting.

Software, as a technology, has developed as one of the biggest and the most reliable business industry that holds the potential to transform our future. We at ESS, are just helping this transition by developing expert software solutions that can substitute the guesswork and prove beneficial in the most crucial aspects of business. Specializing in real estate and construction software, we cater to a range of business verticals as a technology provider.

Below is a list of software solutions that we currently offer:

Construction ERP

eBUILD ERP is specialized construction software that analyzes and adapts to the way you do business to yield better results and simplified efficiency.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Putting customers first is the axiom of every business model. With eBUILD CRM Software, you can rationally apply this axiom into business and make ‘Happy and satisfied customers’ a reality.

Document Management Software (DMS)

When talking about the future, revolutionizing traditional methods is as important as attaining new developments. With a dedicated DMS, we aim to materialize the idea of paperless offices.

Human Resource & Payroll Software

HR & Payroll functions makes for a cumbersome process that eats up resourceful man hours. With dedicated HR & Payroll software, ESS can provide a lubricant for today’s business model.

Customized Software Solutions

Working as a software developer and technology provider have shaped the way what we do. For the simple reason of being technology enthusiasts, we accept any and every kind of challenge to design custom software as per the client needs.