Construction ERP

eBUILD Construct is complete construction software which includes project costing and financial management solution designed to fit with the way you do business. It is capable of estimating all job costs and managing revenues, as well as effectively carrying out complete financial reporting in a single solution.

eBUILD ERP lets you track paperwork and finances associated with contracts from a single, easy-to-use point of reference. This saves valuable time and facilitates knowledge sharing, in turn, increasing your margins and project management efficiencies. You’ll have greater control and a better understanding of all your projects, allowing you to make pro-active decisions with ease.

eBUILD ERP for Builders

Manage everything from the General Ledger to accounts payable and receivable, with ease. A centralized data repository and automated reporting makes it easy to manage multiple construction projects simultaneously. eBUILD ERP, a construction management software provides you with tools, information and reports needed to improve performance and resolve problems faster.

eBUILD ERP – Software for Builders & Contractors from eBuild Softwares and Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  Architecture Module

eBUILD Architecture Module, a construction project management software, is a comprehensive application developed to take care of the project creation process, area specification of project along with development of project site view. This module acts as the foundation of all further processes carried out in other modules.

Salient Features

  • Define and manage Project type (residential, commercial, multiplex, etc.), wing, floor, unit type (flat, shop, gala, etc.), unit sub type (1 RK, 2 BHK, etc.), unit of measurement (sq. m., sq. ft., yards, etc.), parking type, amenities, etc.
  • Maintain complete Project details (name, code, type, status, unit of measurement, etc.)
  • Map latest Project status (under construction, ready for possession, etc.)
  • Change carpet area, add additional area
  • Unit Joint Venture mapping (Promoters & Builders)
  • Analyze Project site, building, wing, parking and structure layout
  • Open units & parking Lots for Project development and sale
  • Manage Project structure start and end dates

Management Reports

  • Project Info
  • Unit Area Details
  • Parking Details

User Reports

  • Unit Site View
  • Unit Area Details
  • Unit open for Sale
  • Unit Open for Engineering
  • Parking Open for Sale
  • Refugee Area Unit

  Sales Module

eBUILD Sales Module is a comprehensive module which records each and every action of the sales representative for affecting individual sales along with customer feedback. It covers two stages of the sales process viz. Pre-Sales and Sales. Pre-Sales process constitutes the rate defining stage and the Sales process stage covers all aspects of customer sales with an in-built CRM covering activities like enquiry, booking, cancellation, complaint details, completion status, transfer details of units, sales agreements, etc.

Salient Features

  • Define and manage broker details, document type, unit rate (base rate, booking amount, cancellation & transfer charges), parking rate, unit special rate, receipt head (share money, legal  charges, society maintenance charges, etc.), installment details (project  structure, scheme, reminder), extra charges, tax details (Service tax, VAT)
  • Manage enquiries (enquiry date, customer name, contact information, budget, project status, enquiry source, etc.) and follow up
  • Analyze unit information (vacant, blocked, booked and sold) and provision to blocked and booked units through dashboard
  • Maintain leads and customer Information (address, joint owner, etc.), loan details, receipt head (share money, legal  charges, society maintenance charges , etc.), extra charges details, parking details, voucher details, installment and interest calculation
  • Track cheque details (redeposit, return, dispatch to Finance department, cleared, dishonoured),  voucher details
  • Agreement and possession of units
  • Manage unit cancellation, unit transfer, unit resale
  • Track details of the amount paid to brokers
  • Provision for rate change, unit info changes (agreement, adjustment of receipt head, installment details) for booked unit
  • Manage approval process (brokerage payment, ownership change, parking cancellation, refund request, unit cancellation, unit resale, unit special rate, unit transfer)

Management Reports

  • Enquiry Report
  • Vacant Units
  • Block Units (Blocked Track Details)
  • Booked/Sold Units
  • Daily Collection
  • Today Status
  • Monthly MIS
  • Unit Status Summary
  • Ageing Report
  • Unit Area Details
  • Enquiry Daily Report(Follow-up)
  • Voucher Status
  • Monthly MIS Customer Wise
  • Amount Summary
  • Status Summary
  • Voucher Summary
  • Project Collection Summary
  • Unit History

User Reports

  • Vacant Units
  • Block Units (Blocked Track Details)
  • Booked Units
  • Parking Allotment Letter
  • Demand Letter
  • Agreement Letter
  • Party Statement
  • Unit General Details
  • Document Type Master
  • Broker Master
  • Joint Venture Master
  • Project Joint Venture Info
  • Unit Number Joint Venture Info
  • Parking Details
  • Available Parking
  • Allocated Parking
  • Parking Cancellation Details
  • Unit Transfer Details
  • Unit Cancellation Details
  • Unit Resale Details
  • Voucher Search
  • Brokerage Payment
  • Customer Search
  • List Report
  • Unit Progress
  • Receipt Header
  • Receipt Head
  • Parking Rate
  • Installment [Project Structure]
  • Installment [Scheme]
  • Broker Charges

  Engineering Module

eBUILD Engineering Module is a powerful construction project management tool to monitor and control project data, evaluate projects and enable design-to-cost engineering to optimize construction costs. One can plan, collect, settle, and evaluate quality related to costs. The solution includes features that provide data to determine standard or user defined quality scores. This module is also designed to integrate with other modules like Accounting, Architecture, Sales, etc.

Salient Features

  • Define activity details and formula parameters, miscellaneous components’ percentage/ratio/rate, bill heads, pre/post overheads heads, terms and conditions
  • Track  sub-contractor and consultant details (contact information, tax details, status -approved/not approved)
  • Map activity component and rate analysis at global level
  • Estimate project details by defining structure activity to be performed, drawing library (blue print upload option for structure drawings) Project activity component mapping, and rate analysisquantity analysis, pre/post/overhead costing approval for rate analysis.
  • Manage work orders by defining structure, activity, payment terms, retention, advance, tax, terms & conditions, etc.
  • Provision for work order amendment and closure
  • Track material issue request from sub-contractor, material & labour consumption and measurement  sheets
  • Generate billing reports by tracking the work done, tax, advance, advance recovery, retention deduction & recovery, etc.
  • Add rate or quantity analysis of an existing Project to a new Project
  • Manage payments made by the Finance department to sub-contractors as well as consultants

Management Reports

  • Project Construction Cost
  • Bill of Material
  • Project Abstract
  • Category Wise Cost Break Up
  • Budget Costing
  • Project Activity Detail
  • Project Resource Detail

User Reports

  • Contribution Of Components
  • Estimation Detail
  • Work Order Details
  • Project DPR Detail
  • Material Consumption

  Purchase & Stores Modules

eBUILD Purchase & Stores Module is tightly integrated with the Inventory, Payments and Legal modules. Purchase Managers can now accurately and easily access information about material requisition, enquiry, quotation, price comparison, negotiation, purchase order, material receipt note and invoice generation in real time.  Store Managers can track complete details of the stock, material purchased, transferred and returned along with the inventory management process.

Salient Features (Purchase)

  • Define component (material, labour, machinery, etc.), vendor group, vendor & manufacturer details, material brand details, component brand mapping, tax head, manufacturer wise component mapping, unit of measurement (to measure components), payment terms & conditions for Purchase Order (PO) as well as quotation
  • Create project wise monthly target sheets for purchasing of components
  • Indent creation (directly or indirectly) as per the monthly target sheet or site engineer & approval for enquiry generation, quotation received (single or consolidated enquiry), pricing and negotiation
  • Create PO (direct or flow) for the approved vendor indicating product specifications and agreed prices
  • Amend PO to accommodate new indents or early closure
  • Generate material receipt note (against indent as well as PO) to record details of materials received
  • Vendor invoice entry
  • Track payments made to vendor by account team

Management Reports:

  • Monthly Target Sheet Register

User Reports:

  • Product List
  • Vendor List
  • Manufacturer List
  • Indent Status (against Indent, for how much Quantity PO has been raised)
  • Purchase Order Status
  • Monthly Target Sheet
  • MIS Register
  • Indent Register
  • Purchase Order Register
  • MRN Register
  • Invoice Register
  • Material Transfer  Register


  • Manufacture Component Mapping List
  • Component Brand Mapping List

Salient Features (Stores)

  • Define and track store details (name, contact information, etc.)
  • Map a store with a project to maintain material details (requirement, received, transfer)
  • Track stock opening balance project, store, component, & vendor (if required brand, manufacture)
  • Track material transfer request from one store to another
  • Track material issued to sub contractor, vendor (material return), site (material transfer), department etc.
  • Process for material transfer acknowledgement for material received from the requested store
  • Process for material return acknowledgement after the material has been returned by the sub contractor

User Reports

  1. Stock Balance
  2. Material Receipt Register
  3. Stock Register
  4. Stock Report
  5. Stock Register Item Wise Report
  6. Receipt Statement – MRN Wise
  7. Store Issue Voucher

We, at eBuild Softwares and Solutions understand the challenges you face to keep up with business and satisfy the clients. We know what a blunder, small mistake can cause in your calculations. Walk with us and make the best of technology to expand your business with eBUILD ERP. We offer quickest and the most efficient solutions at your doorstep.

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