DMS Software

We understand our clients well and know what they undergo in the process of completing projects. Only we know how tiring can a simple task like keeping a sheet of document available for access be.  eBuild Softwares and Solutions (ESS) has released a Document Management System (DMS) that aims to tackle the complex problem of documents management and maintenance. Listed below are a set of features that will help you understand how the software works.


  • Easy access interface: Easy to deploy, learn and understand.
  • Import documents quickly, in large batches or small groups.
  • Handle different file types like DOC, Excel, etc.
  • Efficient physical storage mechanism to facilitate quick search.
  • Automatically manage versions of documents to avoid redundancy of information.
  • View a concise version history for any document.
  • Admit alteration control and file check-in/check-out.
  • Masking / highlighting of documents to emulate them in the system.
  • Selective forwarding of documents targeted for specific audiences.
  • Track documents based on organizational hierarchy as well as by a user who is the owner / initiator of the document.
  • Permission-based security allows limited document access to specified users.
  • Use the event logging / auditing feature to log details about user actions when a document is flowing in the system.
  • Messaging between members in the organization for prompt communication.
  • Manage circulars based on the type and nature of the circular.
  • Create temporary shared folders on the system and give read / write rights.
  • Send instant SMS to members based on pre-defined criteria as well as when a user gets any new messages that requires immediate attention.
  • Link documents for cross-referencing.
  • Send alerts through emails when any user gets messages.
  • Manage entire document repositories from workstations.
  • Scan paper and import electronic files into secure digital archives of unalterable documents.
  • Emulate paper filing structures with customizable folders.
  • Backup and restore capabilities to retrieve any lost, stolen, or damaged file.
  • Store documents and images in digitized formats.

Other Features:

  • OCR Search for content within the documents scanned and saved as PDF files apart from the keyword searches.
  • Distribution of rights by a higher authority to subordinates, limited to the rights possessed.
  • Customized archiving for users.

We hope that our Document Management System Software will help you grow your clientele and provide efficiency in work. With our success in ERP Software, we are sure that our document management system will also serve you well.