HR & Payroll Software

We at eBUILD Softwares and Solutions know it better than anyone that HR & Payroll Software process can sometimes be more than handful. And it is something that cannot be delayed in order to keep the workforce motivated. Our HR & Payroll System synchronizes crucial HR and administrative processes. It benefits the business by effectively handling the workforce and smoothly carrying out the payroll procedure. To understand our HR software module better, here is a list of features offered:

Key Features (HR)
  • Standardize recruitment processes like general selection, campus selection, agency reference and employee reference. A Recruitment Requirement Note (RRN) is generated that stands to be a base for recruitment
  • Organize employee job information by defining masters for verticals, cadre, departments, grades for various levels, designation, evaluation items & sub-items
  • Map vertical grade, vertical cadre, vertical department, department section, job title, job title designation
  • Track types of misconduct, its severity and the action taken
  • Define disciplinary and grievance processes which can record the employee’s complaints and the reply of the HOD
  • Track details of employee exit interview and hand over – take over
  • Create tour advance details
  • Use a centralized database that enables employees and management to access up-to-date, consistent information
  • Maintain employee leave requisition and approval for studies, etc. and its approval
  • Keep track of induction and company training
Management Reports (HR)
  • Monthly Staff Planning
  • Grievance Details
  • Offence Details
User Reports (HR)
  • Candidate Details
  • Tour Advance
  • Interview Shortlist
Others (HR)
  • List of Bank, Course, Qualification, Department, Designation, Agency
  • List of Vertical, Grade, Job Title, Location, Media, Property
  • Advertisement Detail
  • Job Application Detail
  • Shortlist for Interview
  • Interview Schedule
  • Induction Checklist
  • Institute List
  • Request to College
  • Response from College
  • Schedule Letter to College
  • Interview Schedule
  • Candidate Evaluation
Key Features (Payroll)

  • Track employee details including personal, professional and experience details
  • Set and manage Payroll month
  • Manage leave types for employee and allocate leave to employee
  • Set general and regional holidays
  • Manage salary elements and map them with job titles or individual employee as per the requirement
  • Add bonus elements and map them with all job tiles or required job titles
  • Enter employee attendance details, view details and update attendance status of employee, track leave entry and leave approval
  • Map expense elements with employee and add employee expense details
  • Track salary advance and salary arrears given to employee and loan details
  • TDS process that includes defining of tax slabs for tax payers and addition of employee declaration and calculation of TDS as per employee declaration and government norms
  • Run salary process for staff altogether or run it separately for an employee as per the requirement. Executive and admin approval for pay slip generated
  • Complete appraisal process for employees. It includes appraisal planning to increment approval
  • Exclusive reporting system that manages to give reports of each and every process in payroll module

Management Reports (Payroll)
  • Salary Statement
  • Attendance – daily, Employee wise, Summary
  • Salary Increment
  • Statutory Statement – PF, ESIC, IT, PT
  • Statutory Challan – PF, ESIC
  • Statutory Forms – 3A, 5, 6, 6A, 10, 12A, 16
User Reports (Payroll)
  • Salary Advance
  • Overtime
  • Late Coming
  • Early Leaving
  • Leave Details, Leave Balance
Others (Payroll)
  • Bank Transfer Statement
  • Cheque Transfer Statement
  • Cash Transfer Statement
  • Employee List
  • List of Leave Type, Holiday, Regional Holiday
  • List of Salary Element
  • Salary Structure (Employee wise)
  • Salary Arrears
  • Pay slip

The above list sums up the main functions of our HR System & Payroll System for large businesses with bigger workforce. However, we also provide software solutions for SMBs that are interested to expand their HR process with an advanced approach in technology. We assure you, our services won’t give you a chance to complain.

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